Why you should generate 10 ideas each day.

Andrei Ivanouski
2 min readAug 30, 2021


Every idea starts with one idea. So what if the idea we start with is a good idea? What if it’s an idea that doesn’t just solve our problem, but solves others too? How much money would you be able to save or make? Ideas are worth their weight in gold and can change your life forever. That’s why I’m going to tell you how generating 10 ideas each day will help generate more revenue for your business!

First, idea generation is about idea creation. Every idea starts with one idea. It’s the foundation of a multi-million dollar company or non-profit organization and it all stems from an idea that seemed impossible at first but turned out to be possible in the end. For example, Uber started as just an app for people who didn’t want to wait for a taxi.

Second, idea generation helps you solve problems by thinking out of the box. There’s nothing wrong with using brainstorming techniques and listing down everything that comes into your mind in order to generate as many ideas as possible. Whether it be related to marketing or management, idea generation is vital because there are always ways things could be improved no matter how much time goes on even if you’ve created something successful from scratch. For example, Tesla Motors was able to perfect its cars’ battery life after one year of sales which helped them gain more customers than expected!

Third, idea generation can help save money too! By constantly generating new ideas every single day or at least multiple times each week will allow entrepreneurs like yourself not only to use new ideas that can bring about positive change to the company but it will ensure you take advantage of idea generation as a whole.

Fourth, idea generation is really good for brain health too! It’s no secret that idea generation has been associated with preventing Alzheimer’s disease because this process helps stimulate your mind and forces yourself to think outside the box which prevents wasting mental energy on simple thoughts.

Lastly, idea generations are fun because they give entrepreneurs like yourself an opportunity not only to brainstorm new ways to improve what you’re working on or lead people within your organization through different paths but also to make sure there aren’t any possible setbacks in whatever project you might be going after at the moment.